7 Tunisian Dishes You Have To Try

If you love North African-style cooking (like Moroccan cuisine) then you will absolutely love these Tunisian dishes. This is a country that has wonderful foodie heritage and has a wide array of spectacular food to choose from.

You might not be able to travel there right now, but we wanted to highlight some of the best recipes from the region. These recipes come from the very best food bloggers in the world, so make sure to bookmark their sites.

The food also happens to be ideal for sharing, so you should round up some family or friends before you start cooking! Time to get into the kitchen and start cooking these amazing Tunisian dishes.

Best Tunisian Dishes to Cook at Home

1. Tunisian Tajine

This recipe is very similar to a frittata but it comes with lots of those lovely aromatic North African spices to liven it up.

Recipe created by Suad.

2. Lamb Stew Mermez

This lamb is cooked super slow, so that it is falling off the bone by the time it is served up. Big and bold flavours make this an absolute delight of a dish.

Recipe created by Muna.

3. Harissa Chicken

This easy and healthy harissa chicken is quick to make and perfect to serve over rice for a weeknight meal. Chicken breast is marinated in harissa paste for a sweet and spicy dish. Gluten free and low carb.

Recipe created by Yumna.

4. Chickpea Soup

The melding together of exotic spices, grains and vegetables into dishes in Tunisian cooking that hint at Moorish influences are without equal. This soup is the perfect example of that.

Recipe created by Di.

5. Hlelem (Tunisian Bean Soup)

This Hlelem is made with chickpeas and beans, onions, lots of garlic, tomato paste, greens and topped with a generous scoop of couscous and as many dollops of harissa as you can safely handle.

Recipe created by Blue Cayenne.

Tunisian Dishes

6. Chorba

Chorba frik is a variant of a very traditional soup Maghreb consumed in Algeria, Tunisia and Libya, prepared with mutton or lamb.

Recipe created by Vera And Mike.

Tunisian Dishes

7. Lablabi

A wonderfully hearty and wholesome stew with chickpeas, lemon and parsley. As soon as you finish your portion you will be looking for more.

Recipe created by Aniko.

Tunisian Dishes

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