7 Of The Best Bars In Lima

7 Of The Best Bars In Lima

The bar scene in Lima is very good and continues to get better thanks to new and different theme bars that continue to open up. You can find any cocktail, beer, or Peruvian-inspired drinks at the bars in Lima.

These are the very best bars in Lima to check out.

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1. Ayahuasca

The bar with the most aesthetically-pleasing style with its location in a colonial house is Ayahuasca. They are widely-known for their cocktail making skills and is arguably one of Lima’s most popular bars.

Fans of pisco-based cocktails and sours will love Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca Bar

2. Barranco Beer Company

Barranco Beer Company is an excellent brewpub that is the go-to place when you want to watch the big football match with some buddies over beers. This pub with or without a game on has a great atmosphere and an even better selection of beers.

Craft beer fans will rejoice with a pint of their tasty Amber Nectar beer. Great happy hour specials too!

Barranco Beer Company In Lima

3. Café Victoria

Cafe Victoria is another converted bar from an old colonial mansion that serves up some great cocktails to go with their fancy vibes. Step into their backyard patio for a hip vibe complete with drinks and live music.

Try a Jamaican Mule here and try it when they have their two for one drink specials.

Café Victoria Bar

4. Barra 55

Barra 55 is where couples go for a romantic setting to enjoy some cocktails. This bar has speakeasy vibes and they offer some great craft beers along with some of the best cocktail concoctions in Lima.

Try one of their gin-based cocktails that spans over 20 different gin-based drinks.

Barra 55 Bistro In Lima

5. Orient Express Bar

The Orient Express Bar is inspired by the luxury train of the same name. Inside, you will enjoy some fabulous cocktails in a bar that will actually make it feel like you’re sitting in one of those fancy Orient Express trains.

Pisco sour cocktails are what they specialise in here so grab one of those and enjoy the unique atmosphere.

Orient Express Bar In Lima

6. Juanito Barranco

Juanito Barranco is Lima’s version of a charming, old dive bar. Despite being a dive bar, its also one of Lima’s hippest places to go for a cocktail and is inexpensive and fun.

Come here with a few of your friends, order a pitcher of beer, and mix with some local folks.

Juanito Barranco Bar

7. Carnaval Bar

Carnaval Bar is a trendy bar in Lima that focuses on the details of everything in this bar. Right when you step inside, you’ll notice just how tidy and inviting this place is to have a cocktail.

Definitely get their Gran Carnaval which is a flight of seven different cocktails!

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