The 7 Most Romantic Restaurants In Lima

On what is perhaps the most passion continent in the world, restaurants in South America ooze charm. And, they pair it all in a nice little package that features some of the best food in the world as the main course. However, there’s something especially romantic about Lima.

This seaside Peruvian city manages to offer guests everything from sweeping coastal views and stunning cityscapes to quaint garden settings. Simply put, there’s a style here for every occasion, all of which are brimming with romantic charm.

Whether you’re popping the question, celebrating an anniversary, or simply looking for a cosy place to enjoy a date night, there’s something on this list for any occasion. Get ready to ignite that flame. Here are the seven most romantic restaurants in Lima...

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1. La Rosa Nautica

Charming seaside views envelope each and every guest who visits La Rosa Nautica, one of Lima’s most romantic restaurants for anniversaries, proposals, and simple dates. The food here teases out tantalising feelings, while superb food and the sound of lapping waves adds the most relaxing touch.

most romantic restaurants in lima

2. Museo Larco Cafe

Seeing as The Museo Larco is a cultural museum inside of an 18th-century vice-royal building, it makes sense that the on-site restaurant would be just as exquisite. Museo Larco Cafe is one of the most elegant museum restaurants in the world. It offers guests the chance to immerse themselves in living art. Candelabras, an enchanting patio, and a quiet garden all add to the passionate ambience.

3. Central Restaurant

In an artistic sense, there’s something romantic about the way that they weave indigenous Peruvian ingredients into the restaurant’s menu. There’s a reason why this place is listed as one of the world’s best restaurants. However, it’s about more than mere food. Even though they’ve gained a lot of fame, the place remains down-to-earth and truly inspiring, especially if you’re enjoying it all with a loved one.

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4. Maido

Maido is the No. 1 restaurant in all of Latin America right now, so if you’re looking to impress your partner, there’s no better place to go. Despite serving some of the most well-crafted and thoughtful dishes in the world, however, Maido delivers in terms of ambience as well. Let the gourmet food lead the evening as you relax into your surroundings.

5. Restaurant Huaca Pucllana

The pre-Incan ruins of Huaca Pucllana are some of the most impressive sights to see when visiting Lima. And, the Restaurant Huaca Pucllana is strategically placed right next to the ruins to offer a romantic, enchanting view of the site. Whether you’re sampling quality Peruvian dishes or heading down to the mystical wine cellar, you’re sure to enjoy a romantic evening here.

Date Night Restaurants in Lima

6. AmorAmar

First, make your way down to the bohemian neighbourhood of Barranco. Then, head to AmorAmar, one of the most romantic restaurants in Lima. AmorAmar is housed inside of a charming mansion where elegant gardens and green vines add a magical touch to the decor. To top it all off, the dishes are served to perfection and showcase high-end ingredients such as suckling piglet and duck.

7. Lima 27

To indulge in the modern side of Lima, check out Lima 27. Sophistication is key here, with every corner of this place decked out in luxurious modern decor. The vibes remain unpretentious, however. And, their impressive cocktail list means that you can stay after dinner to continue date night in style.

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