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7 Of The Best Bars In Virginia Beach

Contrary to popular belief, Virginia Beach is not your typical sleepy beach town. It’s actually an incredibly friendly and extremely vibrant place that’s full of things to do and there’s lots of bars in Virginia Beach.

Check out the seven best bars in this beach town.

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1. Repeal Bourbon & Burgers

There’s nothing you’ll want to take back at Repeal Bourbon & Burgers in Virginia Beach. This hip take on a speakeasy makes some of the best burgers and cocktails in this beachy town and like their name suggests, there’s lots of bourbon here to go around.

It’s all about the bourbon and burgers here so sit back and enjoy this delectable combo.

Repeal Bourbon & Burgers Virginia Beach

2. New Realm Brewing

New Realm Brewing is a brewing company from Atlanta and they’re known for their creative types of beers. With over 15 beers on tap here, plus another three Virginia Beach-exclusive beers, New Realm is the best spot in town for a tasty beer.

Enjoy the relax vibes of this town and have a few of their tastier brews on their large patio area.

New Realm Brewing Virginia Beach

3. Pacifica

Pacifica is a go-to place in Virginia Beach for good finger foods and their potently strong cocktails. Each beverage comes with their own Warning Label and you’ll definitely feel a kick with each sip!

If you like your cocktails nice and strong, come to Pacifica.

Pacifica Virginia Beach

4. Lynnhaven Pub

Lynnhaven Pub is one of the best dive bars in Virginia Beach. At this incredibly charming bar, you’ll mix and mingle with the laid-back locals and upbeat tourists over a hefty selection of craft beers.

For a fun and lively time in this pub full of interesting characters, come to Lynnhaven.

Lynnhaven Pub

5. Mermaid Wine Bar

Wine lovers shouldn’t feel left out in Virginia Beach. At Mermaid Wine Bar, you’ll be able to taste some of the best wines from Virginia and around the world.

With nearly 1,000 different wines to choose from, you’ll definitely find a glass of wine or two here to your liking.

Mermaid Wine Bar Virginia Beach

6. Frans Ready Room

If the hit TV show “Cheers” was where everybody knew each other’s name, the closest thing to that in Virginia Beach is Frans Ready Room. This is definitely a neighbourhood pub full of locals with the occasional tourist so it might feel like everyone knows each other here.

This is a great watering hole to come to if you want to engage with the locals over some cheap beers.

Frans Ready Room

7. Lubo Wine Tasting Room

Another great place for wines in Virginia Beach is Lubo Wine Tasting Room. Looking more like a wine cellar inside, this tasting rooms features a cozy place to enjoy some fantastic wines from around the globe.

Whether it’s red, white, or sparking wine, try your favourite ones here.

Lubo Wine Tasting Room

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