Chicken Wings In Virginia Beach

The 7 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Virginia Beach

While Virginia Beach is mainly known for its stellar seafood restaurants, it’s also home to some delicious chicken spots. If you are looking for a plate of finger-licking good chicken wings, Virginia Beach has you covered. Take your pick from these restaurants for chicken wings in Virginia Beach.

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1. Lendys Cafe

Get your chicken fix at Lendys Cafe off General Booth Boulevard. Pig out on your choice of perfectly crispy wings in your choice of flavour. The sauce is what they do best with unbelievably tasty options like ‘atomic’, ‘honey old bay’ and ‘below Hell’.

2. Big Sam’s Raw Bar

Big Sam’s has been a bay favourite for wings for years. Order a hearty plate of their house wings tossed in their famous ‘hometown formula’. Be sure to order a beer or two and bleu cheese for dipping.

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3. J&K Style Grill

J&K Style Grill takes wings to the next level with their famous smoked teriyaki sauce and expert frying techniques. Along with incredible wings, J&K is family owned with an emphasis on tradition and hospitality, so you’ll always feel right at home. Don’t leave Virginia Beach without their teriyaki wings.

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4. Shorebreak Pizza & Taphouse

This Virginia Beach staple is known for their pizza but the wings are what makes it sing. Jumbo wings are battered and fried to perfection before being tossed in your choice of their many sauce options. We recommend General Tso or bourbon glaze. Grab a pint and be ready to feast.

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5. Calypso Bar & Grill

Calypso Bar and Grill is the best place in the city to enjoy some drinks, wings and beach atmosphere. Treat yourself to a big platter of their ‘inferno’ wings and a pint with a waterfront view. After the ‘inferno’, try their ‘Jamaican jerk’.

Chicken Wings In Virginia Beach

6. Montego Island Grill

This quirky local joint is a favourite for their saucy chicken wings and inviting atmosphere. In addition to a their Caribbean twists on traditional chicken wings bring a unique and unforgettable flavour to the table. Don’t forget to order the jerk chicken wings and then indulge in some dessert.

Chicken Wings In Virginia Beach

7. Ocean Seafood Inc.

Soul food and chicken wings bring this Virginia Beach gem to life. Eat your fill of lemon pepper, Thai chilli, chipotle, spicy bbq and more with ranch sauce. Whether you are looking for traditional mild sauce or something funky like their speciality mambo, they’ve got you in mind. Either way, you’ll definitely be back for more.

Chicken Wings In Virginia Beach

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