King Neptune Statue Virginia Beach

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Virginia Beach

If you’ve never been to this lovable beach town on the eastern coast of America, we’re here to tell you that you must. There is incredible charm among the locals here with their laid-back and vibrant personalities as well as amazing Instagrammable places in Virginia Beach.

These are the top seven Insta-worthy spots in Virginia Beach.

The most Instagrammable spots in Virginia BeachHow do these rankings work?

1. The Stairs at Mount Trashmore Park

Mount Trashmore Park is Virginia Beach’s largest park and it spans 165 acres. In this bountiful park, there are mountains, lakes, playgrounds, and walkways for long walks.

The most Insta-worthy spot at this park is the colourful stairway of two hands reaching for each other.

Stairs at Mount Trashmore Park Virginia Beach

2. King Neptune Statue

Once you see the King Neptune Statue, it really just stands out for its grandness. This 34-foot tall, 12-ton bronze statue is the premier landmark in Virginia Beach and depicts the Roman God of the Sea.

If you’re in Virginia Beach, this is the photo you need to get to let everyone know you’ve been to this city.

King Neptune Statue Virginia Beach

3. Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Like any good beach town, you need to have a boardwalk to be able to walk/bike/jog down and enjoy those incredible sea views. And that’s exactly what you’ll find on the Virginia Beach boardwalk as you take pictures along the way.

From boardwalk vendors to musicians and artists, there’s lots of Insta-worthy shots down this boardwalk.

Virginia Beach Boardwalk

4. LOVE Sign

The LOVE sign is Virginia Beach’s first 3D sign and each letter represents something distinct about Virginia Beach. This sign ultimately conveys the message that Virginia Beach is a welcoming city of all different cultures in this blossoming urban landscape.

Come feel the love of Virginia Beach and take a shot of this sign for your ‘Gram.

LOVE Sign Virginia Beach

5. Murals in ViBe Creative District

The ViBe Creative District in Virginia Beach is the area of this city where works of art are on proud display. There are a handful of fantastic murals that are splashed onto random buildings in this District.

You can easily hop on the ViBe Mural Walking Tour where you can get shots for your ‘Gram of all the Murals!

ViBe Creative District Murals

6. Military Aviation Museum

While it can be really laid back beach town, there is also some great history in this city too. At the Military Aviation Museum, there is a large collection of some fascinating airplanes as well as replicas of World War I fighter aircraft.

Come snap some of these vintage aircrafts at this interesting museum.

Military Aviation Museum Virginia Beach

7. Cape Henry Lighthouse

The Cape Henry Lighthouse is a landmark that helps acts as a guide to incoming and outgoing ships. For you, it provides an excellent opportunity to take a picture of this picturesque landmark.

If you’re not afraid of the dark, come here for your shots at night when the Lighthouse is lit up.

Cape Henry Lighthouse

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