The Barbie Hotel Suite

You Can Now Stay In A Barbie-Themed Hotel Suite

Looks like you really can be a Barbie girl in a Barbie world. To celebrate the legendary Barbie’s 60th anniversary, Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe has partnered with Mattel to transform one of the hotel’s guest rooms into the ultimate Barbie® glamping experience. 

Guests who want to live life like Barbie can do so from check-in to check-out…

Pose beside the the doll’s iconic pink shoe at the hotel entrance

The glam experience starts as soon as you enter the hotel, with a suitably pink carpet leading to the check-in desk. But it’s the suite itself where the fun really begins…

Lifelong Barbie fans and families will have a blast here. There’s rare Barbie® dolls from the past six decades as well as a life-sized DreamCamper in which children can play dress-up and spend the night.

Doll’s iconic pink shoe

The hotel’s Barbie Suite is behind a baby-pink door

There’s two connecting rooms – one for adults, with Barbie monogrammed pillows and and another room for children with the DreamCamper and glamping-themed play area. Both room have historic Barbie elements, such as collectible Barbie paintings & dolls.

Connecting rooms in Barbie hotel

Barbie hotel suite

Even the bathroom is full-on Barbie, with a styling doll and Barbie toiletries

Guests can pamper themselves with special Colgate and Avon Barbie products.

bathroom in Barbie suite

Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe has also created a special pink menu at its MADERA restaurant

The Barbie-inspired cuisine includes heart-shaped pizzas, gnocchi in pink sauce, red velvet treats and strawberry ice cream. The hotel’s pool area is also full of Barbie towels and cushions, so even if you’re not staying in the suite you can still enjoy the theme.

restaurant in Barbie suite

Barbie-inspired Swimming Pool

Available until December 2019, the Barbie® Room experience will start at $189 per night on weekdays and $229 per night on weekends. 

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