Coolest Beach Bars in Perth

The 7 Best Beach Bars In Perth

Summer’s in full swing, and if you’re visiting the coastal town of Perth then you’re likely looking for a place to cool down and enjoy some quality drinks. Lucky for you, the city’s filled with cosy little beach bars. They dot the shores and welcome travellers of all kind, so prepare for a party.

Perth was recently ranked as the friendliest city in Australia, so it comes as no surprise that the best beach bars in Perth are filled with happy locals who’ll definitely welcome you in for a round of drinks or two. Just make sure to return the favour.

Craving good vibes and strong drinks? Head to any one of the seven best beach bars in Perth for a great time so close to the ocean that you’ll practically be drinking with your toes in the sand.

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1. Scarborough Beach Bar

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a few tasty beers or some quality cocktails, Scarborough Beach Bar is your one-stop-shop in Perth. Serving up stunning sea views and prime spots to watch the sunset, this is by far one of the best beach bars in Perth. Get stuck into some pizza or a juicy burger as you enjoy stunning coastal views. You’re never going to want to leave.

Best Beach Bars in Perth

2. Coast Port Beach

Coast Port Beach is helmed as a secluded beachfront sanctuary, and that’s exactly what it feels like once you step into this trendy beach bar. From quiet sunset cocktails to a large gathering with friends and family, Coast Port Beach is the perfect place for it all. Head here at sunset to enjoy some of the most stunning views in all of Perth.

Coolest Beach Bars in Perth

3. Ocean Beach Hotel

Home to a cosy sports bar and impressive beer garden, the Ocean Beach Hotel offers one of the most relaxing drinking spaces in all of Perth. The food here is tasty and pairs well with whatever you order. They’re particularly known for their range of Mexican food, which means you might want to go ahead and order a margarita or two.

Perth's Best Beach Bars

4. The Sandbar

If you’re visiting Scarborough Beach, then make time to stop off at The Sandbar, the newest stretch of beach bar property to hit the sand. Beers, ciders, and wines flow freely here, but it seems to be their impressive, delicious food menu that keeps guests occupied and entertained all night long.

5. The Peach Pit

If you’re craving scrumptious food and quality drinks then there’s no better spot for you than The Peach Pit. Known as one of the trendiest beach bars in Perth, The Peach Pit serves up pretty much anything you could ever want, from cheeky cocktails and cold brews to juicy burgers and other mouthwatering dishes. After a long day at the beach, head here to relax and enjoy the sea breeze.

6. Clancy’s Fish Bar

From irresistible seafood to uninterrupted seaside views, there’s nothing that Clancy’s Fish Bar doesn’t offer its guests. Mostly, it’s known for being home to some of the best seafood in the city. Pair that with imported craft beers and impressive views. And, you’ve got the perfect recipe for a great evening in Perth.

7. White Salt

Mediterranean meals, strong coffee, and friendly locals all help make White Salt one of the hottest places to be. Here, you’ll find a mixture of a traditional bar and a trendy cafe. But, it’s that fusion that makes it a great place to stop off for a visit any time of the day.

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