The 7 Best Craft Beer Bars In Perth

Perth was recently voted as the friendliest city in Australia. And, it might have something to do with the fact that the city’s full of some of the best craft beer bars in the country. Quality craft beer brews, tons of sunshine, and sandy beaches sure seem like a recipe for happiness to us.

From craft beer bars slinging Australian brews to the bars serving up some of the widest varieties of craft brews from all around the world, Perth has it all. You’ll definitely never go thirsty here. And, you’ll enjoy the ambience of each bar while you’re at it.

Ready to sink a few cold ones? Head to any one of the seven best craft beer bars in Perth for a dive into Western Australia’s quality craft beer scene.

Best Craft Beer Bars In PerthHow do these rankings work?

1. Petition

Quality brews aside, the beer-focused bar menu at Petition is enough to propel it to the No. 1 spot on the list of the best craft beer bars in Perth. The bar is housed inside of the Old Treasury building, adding a unique historical touch for any travellers visiting from out of town. Stop by to enjoy 18 rotating taps and even more craft beer bottles. The staff is Cicerone certified, so if you have any questions at all, just ask them.

Best Craft Beer Bars in Perth

2. The Dutch Trading Co.

There’s nothing you won’t love about The Dutch Trading Co. A trendy bar filled with 22 different rotating taps and over 500 local, national and international bottles to down is sure to please any kind of traveller and any kind of taste. The vibes here are great, making it easy to stay for a while. However, if you have to go, order a CANimal, which they pour from the tap and seal for you to take with you.

3. Nowhereman Brewing Company

Nowhereman Brewing Co serves world-class handcrafted beer. Their goal is to focus on the simple things; atmosphere, food, beer, and shared experiences.

The bar showcases Western Australia’s best spirits and wines, supporting small local businesses.

4. The Village Bar

From the impressive tap list to the delicious meals available for order, The Village Bar truly hast thought of it all. Settle in for a great night here and order one of their 17 different beers on tap. Or, opt to enjoy one of the 20 different wines available. Then, pair it with a delectable dinner that the staff prepares to perfection. It’s a quality night no matter how you look at it. Oh, and $6 pints? That’s hard to beat.

5. Bob’s Bar

Looking for a great rooftop bar in Perth? Bob’s Bar is the place to be. This hotspot serves up quality views of Perth alongside super tasty craft beers and delicious eats. Bites and burgers are standard, but we’re after their brews. Pale ales, small ales, fudge stouts, and ciders are all varieties you can expect to sample at Bob’s Bar. But, it’s better you just stop by to feel out the vibes for yourself.

Best Craft Beer Bar in Perth Western Australia

6. Refuge Small Bar

Steel workbenches and industrial vibes give way to the trendy setting that is Refuge Small Bar. This 1950s style workshop bar feels cosy despite how industrial it is. And, the 12 craft beers they’ve got on tap are each so tasty that it’ll be hard not to order them all at once. After some taste tests, order some snacks from their menu, which includes everything from the standard cheese and charcuterie to honey Sriracha chicken wings.

7. The 21st Amendment

The 21st Amendment in America repealed the 18th Amendment and ended Prohibition. And, despite the American name, beers here tend to be super local. If you’re really looking to get a taste of the Western Australia craft beer scene, this is the place for you. They’ve got nine rotating taps, each filled with some of the highest quality local craft beers around.

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