The 7 Best Perth Pizza

The 7 Best Pizzas In Perth

A city with generations of Italian families, local entrepreneurs and passionate foodies, the Perth pizza scene couldn’t be any stronger.

You’re spoilt for choice with pizzerias here, but where to start? We’ve picked out the seven best pizzas that you simply have to try in this great city.

All you have to do is grab your friends and start working your way through these delicious Perth pizza places…

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1. Bistro Bellavista

Perth’s cutest pizza stop is this family-owned bistro. They have a blazing wood-fired oven that churns out the incredible pies. Staff are super friendly, but it’s the pizza itself that will have you turned into a loyal fan.

Bistro Bellavista Pizzeria in Perth

2. SIMPLE Italian cucina pizzeria

The Millioncino family moved from Rome, Italy to Perth in 2012 and have now combined their two authentic restaurants Millioncino and Pizzeria by Millioncino into Simple Italian. They do serve other great meat, fish and pasta dishes but their pizzas are a thing of pure joy, so stick with those.

SIMPLE Italian cucina pizzeria

3. Mack Daddy’s

Even though you are thousands of miles away from New York this is about as authentic as it gets in terms of proper NY style pizza. Watch out for their lunch specials when you can grab a slice, fries or coleslaw and a drink for just $12.50. Fold that bad boy over in half and enjoy every single mouthful.

Mack Daddy's Pizzeria

4. Canteen Pizza

Their slogan is “pizza, wine and a good time” and who are we to argue with that? Their pizzas are very much Neapolitan in style with big, thick and delicious spongey crusts. Watch out for their special deal 50% off pinot every Monday night when you order pizza.

Canteen Pizza in Perth

5. Dough Pizza

They are all about keeping things authentic and traditional but fun at the same time, and are inspired by the aromas, flavours and craftsmanship of the pizza found in Napoli. Their menu is bursting with a huge range of 23 toppings. They also offer freshly made pasta, antipasto platters and shared dishes, so this is the perfect place to come with friends.

Dough Pizza

6. Monsterella Pizza

A charming corner neighbourhood restaurant where all your problems just melt away as soon as you walk in the door. The Monsterella speciality is handmade wood fired pizza but they also serve up traditional Italian street food, homemade Italian pasta & insalata. Their pizzas are 100% handmade and naturally risen for 48 hours and all their pizza sauce is made with San Marzano tomatoes.

Perth Pizza

7. Ciao Italia

Up and running since 1999,  the moment you set foot into the doors of Ciao Italia, you immediately feel like you’ve walked into Italy. The melodious Italian tarantella music. Italian waiters shouting across the room. Patrons tapping their feet to the music. Checkered table clothes, terracotta walls and aromas of garlic. The pizza is just the cherry on top of this experience.

Ciao Italia in Perth

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