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The 7 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Perth

There are some foods that as soon as you get a craving for, you just have to have them. Case in point? Chicken wings. Glorious, finger-licking -good chicken wings to be precise. Perth chicken wings are as good as they get, so we wanted to narrow it down to the seven best spots in the city.

You’ll probably want some beer to wash them down with, or maybe they are the hangover cure after a big night out? Either way, grab a couple of mates and get ready for some seriously tasty food.

Forget that diet and get ready for a serious cheat meal. Here are the best spots for Perth chicken wings…

Best chicken wings in PerthHow do these rankings work?

1. The Cabin Small Bar

The Cabin is both a cool and cosy classic in Perth’s inner city that serves up delicious wings. The wings here are US-style. Think: Southern spiced baked chicken wings with a tangy ranch sauce and slaw.

2. Piggy Food Co.

This former pop-up has a permanent home serving up a simple, delicious menu with a fresh take on the Mexican and American cuisine that is unique to Southern California. Choose from house BBQ, smoked chipotle or burn-your-face-off,  with blue cheese dressing.

Perth Chicken Wings

3. Side Door BBQ

These BBQ chicken wings are smoked with a house blend of spices, marinades & dry rubs for ultimate flavour. You’ll be tempted by other tender meats, but the wings here really hit the spot.

Perth Chicken wings

4. Old Faithful Bar & BBQ

Another spot in Perth that’s influenced by the low and slow cooking style made famous in America’s southern states, but with an Aussie twist. Wings here have a choice of Louisiana Hot Sauce, BBQ, Chimichurri, or Smokey Jalapeno & Honey Soy.

5. Varnish on King

Go for the classic Southern fried wings with lime, or try the Hot Wing Challenge. The sauces include Habanero, Cayenne Pepper and Mojo Verde. And yes, they are SPICY. Wash them down with a glass or two of whiskey. The perfect combo.

Perth Chicken Wings

6. Chimek Northbridge

With Korean-style chicken all the rage, Chimek offers a funky range of food including irresistible wings. It’s all about the different sauces here, with no less than 10 to choose from. Top picks include Chimek’s take on a classic Gochujang sauce or the crispy lemon pepper.

7. Gami Chicken & Beer

With 17 stores across Oz, Gami (Korean translation: ‘beautiful taste’) is a soaring Korean chicken joint. As well as whole roast chickens, they do a wing plate of wingettes & drumettes. Get the Soy Garlic sauce and dig into the cabbage slaw.

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