The 7 Best Dessert Cafes In Bangkok

Amidst all of the crazy hustle and bustle of the big city of Bangkok, you’ll find quaint, quiet little dessert cafes. They’re often tucked away and hidden beneath rows and rows of winding streets. But, they’re there, and they’re filled with delectable treats that anybody with a sweet tooth will love.

After hitting up one of the best bars in Bangkok or sampling some of the best coffee in the city, pop over to one of these places for dessert. 

Get ready to let the food here lull you into a post sugar rush haze. Here are the seven best dessert cafes in Bangkok.

Best Dessert Cafes In BangkokHow do these rankings work?

1. After You

Here, there’s always room for dessert. After You is perhaps one of the most famous dessert bars in Bangkok if not all of Asia. You’ll find After You locations sprinkled all over the city, which is great considering how often you’ll crave the sweet treats here. Start with a Mango Sticky Rice Kakigori or try their famous Shibuya Toasts.

Best Dessert Cafes in Bangkok

2. Kyo Roll En

The brothers behind Kyo Roll En want to take you on an enticing journey full of flavours, fun, and sweet treats. This Japanese-inspired dessert bar is truly home to creative geniuses. Watch and wait as chefs prepare your three-course “meal” in front of your eyes. Each course is as fantastical as the next, and they all feature sweet, sinful flavours.

Kyo Roll En Japanese Dessert Cafe

3. Guss Damn Good

With over 40 different home-grown ice cream flavours to choose from, there’s no way you’re ever going to get tired of the sweet, creamy sweets at Guss Damn Good. The idea behind the ice cream here is that it’s “feelings crafted,” which means each flavour essentially evokes a feeling. From their Tokyo Mist to their Bonfire, we definitely agree.

Best Ice Cream in Bangkok

4. Mocking Tales

There are few things quite as fantastical, magical, and impressive as the culinary journey you go on when you enter Mocking Tales. This eatery is by far one of the best dessert cafes in Bangkok. The interior looks as if it’s straight off the screen of a Tim Burton movie. Simply put, Mocking Tales can’t be missed if you’re in Bangkok.

5. Mo & Moshi

On the outside, this unassuming Japanese-style cafe might seem quaint and cute. And, sure, they serve delicious soft-serve ice cream and frozen yoghurt. But, there’s more. Mo & Moshi serve the biggest servings of ice cream in the world. Literally, their ice cream comes in what looks like fishbowls. Instagrammable? Very. Delicious? You bet.

Biggest Ice Cream Dessert Thailand

6. CODE Cafe of Dessert Enthusiasts

CODE stands for Cafe of Dessert Enthusiasts, so it’s pretty clear what you’re getting yourself into upon visiting. Honestly, anything you order here is downright delicious, but it’s the Salted Egg Lava Thick Toast that’s got people going crazy. Definitely a must when getting dessert in Bangkok.

7. Patisserie Rosie

If you’ve ever browsed around the #desserts Instagram tag in Bangkok, then you’ve probably seen the famous Cherry Ripe Cake. This sinful pastry looks like a giant, well, cherry. Inside you’ll find fluffy cherry mousse and dark chocolate ganache topped off with a chewy apple-flavoured layer on the outside. It’s not the only thing on the menu at Patisserie Rosie, but it’s definitely one of the tastiest.

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