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It’s Official: Iceland Is the Best Country for Expats To Live In

That’s it, we’re moving to Iceland. The small-but-mighty island is officially the best country for expats to live abroad in, according to a new survey.

There’s plenty of factors you need to think about before packing up all your belongings and moving to a whole new country. including careers and cost of living, quality of life and lifestyle. Turns out Iceland has just the things modern expats need.

Globehunters ranked 34 OECD countries on all of the above and more, to try and determine the best places to live as an expat in 2019. Iceland came out on top overall, and came first in safety and migrant acceptance.

Finland came first for happiness, Mexico for employment rates and Japan for life expectancy. But Iceland trumps them all.

Here’s the Top 10 best countries for expats:

  1. Iceland
  2. Austria 
  3. Canada 
  4. New Zealand 
  5. Germany 
  6. Sweden 
  7. US 
  8. Australia 
  9. The Netherlands 
  10. Norway

We can see why Iceland is on top of so many people’s bucket lists…

The Northern Lights. Those unbelievable geysers and waterfalls.  Iceland continuously ranks near the top for measurements of quality of life, gender equality, and democracy. Not only that, it’s one of the highest ranked countries in the world for health care, education and internet availability.

Expats Northern Lights In Iceland

To see the full Global Expat Index 2019, visit here.

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