Mhondoro Safari Lodge and Villa

Share A Swimming Pool With Elephants At This Safari Lodge

Ever since that Insta-famous manor in Kenya went viral for showing guests having breakfast with giraffes, people all over the world have been going wild for unique animal encounters on their holidays.

Swimming with pigs in the Bahamas, Alpaca farms – the list goes on, but we’ve just found the absolute best place for animal lovers to stay. At Mhondoro Safari Lodge & Villa, you’ll share your swimming pool with the world’s biggest beast.

A luxury safari lodge in South Africa, it’s probably one of the most unique places you will ever stay.

Almost every day, elephants come to drink out of one of the swimming pools at the lodge…

The heated pool also overlooks a popular watering hole, where you’ll see even more animals take a break.

Footage of the safari lodge’s daily visits from the friendly elephants are starting to go viral on social media, with guests splashing about in the pool as the elephants stroll up to take a drink.

And don’t worry, the pools aren’t treated with chlorine, so it’s perfectly safe for the elephants to drink from. How incredible would it be to experience this?


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Mhondoro Safari Lodge and Villa

The five-star private safari lodge and villa is just a one-hour flight from Johannesburg

You can stay in a suite at the main lodge, or rent the private villa for up to six guests. The lodge has a beautiful Africa-meets-Europe vibe, with luxurious rooms, a bar and spa.

As for the safari surroundings? The lodge is on Welgevonden Game Reserve. This huge open space is home to over 50 animal species, including Africa’s world-famous Big 5: African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard and rhinoceros.

Living Room in Mhondoro Safari Lodge & Villa

Mhondoro Safari Hotel Bedroom

Mhondoro Safari Lodge & Villa also has a unique underground waterhole hide-out

The hide is connected to the Main Lodge through a 65 metre reinforced concrete tunnel. Seize the moment without having to wait for a ranger or a scheduled game drive – just walk down the tunnel when you see animals approaching the waterhole.

A once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity.

Underground hide-out in Safari Lodge

See more about this amazing safari lodge here.

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