Polish Dishes

7 Polish Dishes You Have To Try

The food in Poland is wholesome and relies on the best local produce to create tasty Polish dishes. It has evolved over the centuries, with influences from local countries like Germany and the Czech Republic.

With so many Polish people migrating around the world, you’re sure to find Polish restaurants in most major cities, especially in the US. Want to try cook some authentic dishes at home? We’ve got you covered.

These dishes feature recipes from the world’s best food bloggers. They’ve created these Polish dishes with meticulous detail so that you can recreate them in the comfort of your own home. Make sure to bookmark them and check out the other recipes on their sites.

You might not be able to travel to Poland or even live close to a Polish restaurant, but you can cook these classics at home.

The Best Polish Dishes

1. Polish Cucumber Salad

This Polish cucumber salad (called mizeria) is a light, refreshing and creamy sour cream and dill based salad. It’s a quick summer salad that’s great for picnics!

Recipe created by Erin.

Polish Dishes

2. Cracow sausage (Kielbasa Krakowska)

Kielbasa Krakowska is one of the most traditional and authentic Krakow dishes. It has a really specific texture and taste. Even though the preparation is time consuming, it is actually a pretty simple dish to make.

Recipe created by Jan.

Polish Dishes

3. Homemade Pierogi

This homemade Pierogi recipe is filled with cheese and potatoes, pan fried in butter, then served alongside sour cream for dipping. They are so irresistible! It’s easily one of the best Polish dishes you will ever taste.

Recipe created by Amy.

Polish Dishes

4. Polish Gingerbread

This traditional dish is prepared up to six weeks ahead of Christmas, with the dough resting in the fridge. Once cooked the texture, taste and flavours are outstanding.

Recipe created by Natalia.

5. Haluski (Cabbage With Noodles)

Haluski is a Polish dish of cabbage and noodles that is so simple yet so delicious (and it’s budget-friendly too). It’s a must-try that is sure to become a favourite.

Recipe created by Michelle.

6. Polish Potato Pancakes

Serve these fried pancakes with sour cream or applesauce for a light dinner, or offer them as an easy side dish alongside your favourite entrée. It’s a simple, old-fashioned dish that stands the test of time!

Recipe created by Blair.

7. Polish Beans With Kiełbasa

The recipe for Polish Beans with Kiełbasa is very easy. There is a lot of freedom involved, so you can add more beans, or more kiełbasa or seasoning according to your taste.

Recipe created by Aleksandra.

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