Saudi Arabian Dishes

7 Saudi Arabian Dishes You Have To Try

Many Saudi Arabian dishes are similar to the Middle Eastern cuisine found in the surrounding countries of Yemen, Egypt, Oman and the UAE. As a Muslim country, the dishes here follow Halal practises so you won’t find any pork. What you will find, is fresh and fragrant food that features a lot of couscous, dates, spices and grilled meats. The Kingdom has cosmopolitan restaurants alongside traditional dishes that are steeped in the country’s rich history as a trading port.

While you’ll have the most authentic experience of this cuisine in Saudi Arabia itself, there’s still plenty of dishes you can make at home that will bring the flavours of the Middle East to you instead.

We’re sharing some of the best classic Saudi Arabian Dishes. These recipes aren’t just any recipes either, as they have been created by the world’s top food bloggers. The best of the best. Make sure check out the other great dishes on their sites too.

The Best Saudi Arabian Dishes

1. Chicken Kabsa

Chicken Kabsa, considered as the national dish of Saudi Arabia, is a rice and meat dish served with fried raisins and almonds along with yoghurt sauce and green salads for the side.

Recipe created by Famidha

2. Saudi Puff Pastry Cones

These pastries are light, simple to make and utterly delicious. The recipe can be made by home cooks of any standard.

Recipe created by Iza.

3. Chicken Shawarma

A light, spicy and delightful chicken shawarma plate, Saudi Arabia style, served with fresh vegetables, hummus and tabbouleh.

Recipe created by Adina.

4. Za’atar Manakeesh

Za’atar manakeesh is Arabic za’atar pizza. The za’atar mixture is mixed with a bit of olive oil to make a paste and then spread over thinly rolled bread dough before being baked.

Recipe created by Meinhilde.

5. Lemon Lentil Soup – Saudi Style

Baharat is the the key ingredient that gives this lentil soup a delightful twist and which make it super refreshing. An absolute joy to eat.

Recipe created by McKayla Reilly and Navada Miles.

Saudi Arabian Dishes

6. Saudi Lamb Pizza

While Saudi pizza has some similarities to Western pizza, it’s more of a flatbread and doesn’t have classic ingredients like tomato sauce and cheese. Instead, it’s loaded with earthy fennel and black caraway, lamb, and green onion.

Recipe created by Sasha.

Saudi Arabian Dishes

7. Saudi Champagne

Saudi ‘Champagne’ is probably one of the most popular and trending drinks here in Saudi Arabia. It’s one of the best non alcoholic beverages out there. Made with apple juice and soda, it has just the right amount of tang and sweetness in it.

Recipe created by Dr. Wajiha.

Saudi Arabian Dishes

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