7 Best Places To Brunch In Stockholm

The 7 Best Places To Brunch In Stockholm

Brunch in Stockholm is like a self-appointed two-to-three-hour holiday. It’s a time for gathering together with those you love the most to sip booze a lil too early, ‘gram your fluffy pancakes, and (somehow) roll yourself home.

Wonderfully, Stockholm‘s excellent café culture has crafted a blissful world of brunching. Here’s our list for the best.

Best brunch in StockholmHow do these rankings work?

1. Vurma

The quirky and unique Vurma offers a wide selection of vegetarian (and not) brunch delights.

No matter your morning hunger level, the café has everything from the simple sandwich (for about 50 kronor) to deluxe breakfast options that include caviar with eggs, porridge with lingonberries, an open-faced sandwich, and coffee or tea for just 115 kronor.

Because it IS Sweden (the home of delightful sweets), your dessert options are extensive. Remember: brunch is about pushing limits. 

Vurma Brunch In Stockholm

2. Oaxen Slip

This brunch in Stockholm spectacle is set on the island of Djurgården and features Scandinavian bistro fare. Brunch starts at around 135 kronor and is served in tapas (with each person selecting about three items to share with friends or family).

Think: cured salmon with poached eggs and pickles or grilled celeriac in cheese. Luckily, the brunch feast goes from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., giving you plenty of time to push the limits of your belt buckle.

brunch in stockholm

3. Kaffebar

Kaffebar is located in the user-chic Södermalm and hints toward the cheaper side of Stockholm, with toasted sandwiches, eggs, juice, and coffee for 105 kronor.

In case you’re a lit fan, note that The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo author, Stieg Larsson, penned the book from right here in this little sun-drenched café.


4. il caffe

il caffe is another Södermalm haunt, with inexpensive brunch options. Our hint? Try the cardamom buns. They’re carb heaven for only about 30 kronor and act as a perfect side for the rest of your brunch fare.

il caffe in Stockholm

5. Sthlm Brunch Club

If you’re going to do brunch, you might as well focus on it in the name of your restaurant, right? Sthlm focuses on bagels with cream cheese, Eggs Benedict, super-fluffy pancakes, with multiple gluten free and veggie-friendly options.

Sthlm Brunch Club

6. Kommendören

The Saturday brunch is killer, with options like fish tacos and uber-American eggs and steak. The portions are insane, sending you home for a deep Saturday afternoon nap.

Kommendören Brunch

7. Linje Tio

This Swedish restaurant incorporates French, Spanish, and Greek flavors into its brunch dishes, which they serve up every Sunday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. The portion sizes are vast and flavourful, and the dish of the day alters every week.

Therefore, you’ll never get bored of what the chefs have concocted for you.

Linje Tio
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