Best Burgers In Singapore

The 7 Best Burgers In Singapore

While there’s hundreds of amazing dishes to try around the world, the humble burger is a reliable option wherever you are.

Singapore is packed full of some of the most amazing foodie options on the planet, but when you get that urge to have a burger you need to know where the best ones in town are.

We’ve done the research for you and picked out the 7 best Singapore burgers, so you can just focus on eating them…

Singapore Burgers

1. Kaw Kaw

Kaw Kaw has great selection of inventive burgers, including a lamb version, but it’s hard to look past the classic with that super crispy bacon. Chilled vibes and a great space to come and hang out with friends.

Kaw Kaw Burgers in Singapore

2. Wolf Burgers

With four locations around the city and burgers that are just the perfect size to fit into your mouth, Wolf Burgers is a classic. Throw some of their loaded fries on the side and you have one of the best meals in the city.

Wolf Burgers in Singapore

3. Three Buns Quayside

Three Buns is a culturally led, creative space with a restaurant at its core offering gourmet burgers and crafted cocktails. The burgers keep things simple without going overboard on toppings and taste absolutely out of this world.

Three Buns in SG

4. Working Title – Burger Bar

Blink and you’d miss this cute little space with its quirky furnishing and super friendly staff. They’ve expanded their range of burgers of late, with some absolute classics on the menu. Buns are pillowy and fresh and the meat is juicy.

Burger Bar in Singapore

5. Burger Joint 

A New York-style joint where the menu is small and the craft beers plentiful. They do perfectly cooked burgers that you’ll want to eat every single day of the week if you could do so.

Singapore Burger Joint

6. Overeasy

OverEasy is the ultimate American diner in Singapore, offering a quintessential stateside experience in the heart of the city.  Try their shakes for an extra special experience.

Overeasy Hamburger in SG

7. Fatboy’s The Burger Bar

This is an institution in SG at this stage with several locations around the city. You’ll want to come with a serious appetite because their burgers are absolutely huge and packed full of flavour. It never ever lets you down.

Singapore Burgers

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