The 7 Best Bars In Stockholm

Stockholm is one of those great cities for a night out, a place where the people, bars and streets feel as if they are coming alive as darkness descends.

So, what are the best Stockholm bars? With so many to choose from, we’ve narrowed it down to 7 of the very best. Make your way around these spots and you’ll have a great night out and lots of fun stories to share with your friends…

The Best Stockholm Bars

1. Pharmarium

A bar where the drinks are the absolute star of the show (and that’s alongside everything else being perfect, too). A cocktail here will ruin you, as you’ll never want one from anywhere else every again. It’s a beauty.

2. Tjoget

This is a wine bodega, beer cafe, cocktail bar and dining room all rolled into one. If that sounds like a lot it is – but it just works. The concept is rooted in southern Europe and the Middle East and offers both rustic rurality and urban sophistication.

3. Akkurat

A proper pub for craft beer lovers in the centre of the city. A choice of dozens of great beers on tap, as well as a wide range of bottles. Throw in one of the best whisky selections in the city and this is a drinking paradise.

Akkurat Bars In Stockholm

4. Tak

1000 square metres. Two floors. 48 meters above sea level. TAK is located on Brunkebergstorg in Stockholm and is a blend of a fantastic restaurant and bar with one of the best views in the city. A perfect place for a sophisticated night out.

Tak Bars In Stockholm

5. Mälarpaviljongen

A wonderful jetty bar packed full of flowers and plants that is one of the best places in the world to spend some time when the sun shines. You feel completely at one with nature when here.

Mälarpaviljongen Bars In Stockholm

6. Ugglan

A bar that is packed full of games including ping pong, pinball, board games and boules. Never a dull moment when you come here, and a wonderful place to spend time with friends.

 Ugglan Bars In Stockholm

7. Icebar

Part of the ice hotel and a must visit when you come to the city. Get yourself wrapped up and drink one of their tasty and potent cocktails from an ice cup. A truly once in a lifetime experience.

Stockholm Bars

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