Best Breakfast in Tel Aviv

The 7 Best Spots For Breakfast In Tel Aviv

Bagels and lox might be standard fare here, but Tel Avivians sure know how to treat themselves to tasty breakfast treats and even boozy brunches. Yep, that’s right, even if you roll out of bed late while touring Tel Aviv, you’ll find hidden gems serving scrumptious brunch food, mimosas and a delightful array of food both sweet and savoury.

Wander through the 1930s Bauhaus buildings that make this Israeli city so iconic and you’ll undoubtedly encounter numerous breakfast spots serving everything from eggs and salads to fresh juice, warm bread, and delectable chocolate spreads.

It’s always time for breakfast here, and we’ve rounded up seven of the best spots for breakfast in Tel Aviv that are well worth waking up for.

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1. Cafe XoHo

International travellers and locals alike all enjoy Cafe XoHo, one of the best spots for breakfast in Tel Aviv. The menu is teeming with home-made comfort food options for travellers looking for a taste of Western breakfast fare. The best part? Breakfast lasts all day long, the coffee’s strong, and the vibes are absolutely on point.

Best Breakfast in Tel Aviv

2. Anastasia Cafe

Wander your way through the Dizengoff area of Tel Aviv and you’ll likely come across Anastasia Cafe. It’s a pretty poppin’ local haunt for vegans and vegetarians looking for tasty breakfast and cosy patio seating. From their golden lattes to the tofu scrambled eggs, you’ll be able to indulge in a filling breakfast without feeling guilty.

Where to Eat Breakfast in Tel Aviv

3. Benedict

With three locations all over Tel Aviv, you’re never too far from the delicious breakfast food served at Benedict. Treat yourself to breakfast 24/7 here as you sample tasty treats ranging from fresh-baked bread, thick and fluffy pancakes, traditional Israeli breakfast spreads and so much more. There’s no way you’re leaving here hungry.

Breakfast in Tel Aviv

4. Bucke

Looking for a familiar place to sample your first Israeli breakfast? Bucke is a great starting point for those new to Tel Aviv, with a friendly staff that’s eager to help you make sense of the all the delicious options on the menu. Definitely start with the sharing plate which will let you get a tasty dose of all things that make Israeli breakfast so delicious.

Best Spots for Breakfast in Tel Aviv

5. Claro

Claro has been a brunch staple in Tel Aviv for years, making it one of the best spots for breakfast in the city, especially if you want to roll out of bed a little late. Their signature dish is a meal for two made of goat cheese, smoked pink trout, herring, chopped liver and challah with eggs and a salad. However, fluffy French toast and a glass of champagne also make for an ideal way to start your morning.

Boozy Brunch in Tel Aviv

6. Ha’achim

Bottomless weekend brunch or tasty breakfast, it doesn’t matter what you choose to indulge in here at Ha’achim, it’s all incredibly delicious. We’d suggest waiting for the weekend, however, when Israeli families make their way out to enjoy a traditional breakfast and brunch on the sunny terrace and patio.

7. Manta Ray

You can’t make your way to Tel Aviv and not indulge in some seaside views along with your morning meal. Manta Ray is a great spot to treat yourself to breakfast and brunch served seaside. Let the sound of crashing waves act as a soundtrack. The menu is particularly Western, offering everything from bacon and eggs to pancakes and French toast.

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