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7 Of The Best Light Festivals In The World

Light festivals are something of a new creation across the world. But these festivals celebrating a new medium of public art installations are quickly spreading, and are certainly a sight to behold.

Plan to visit these best light festivals.

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1. Amsterdam Light Festival – Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Amsterdam Light Festival is a dramatic scene thanks to reflections in the canals. There are projects and light action sequences. Look for art from the trees over the canals to the tops of buildings. It’s a wonderous discovery to wander through.

2. Aomori Nebuta Matsuri – Amori, Japan

This eye-popping masterpiece is something to see in Japan. It stems from Japanese folklore, and it evolved out of traditional Shinto traditions. Made from paper and wireframes, the display is only elevated by dancers with music.

3. Vivid Sydney – Sydney, Australia

The Sydney Opera House is an iconic shot while traveling in Australia. But, add incredible patterns projected onto the white backdrop, and it’s even more incredible. Plan to go between the end of May and the middle of June to see it in 2020.

Image: @mwilson_photography/Instagram

4. Festival of Lights Zagreb – Zagreb, Croatia

Stretching from the main square all the way through Upper Town, the Festival of Lights in Zagreb is a dazzling installation against an already beautiful city. It even dives underground into the Tunel Gric, which was built during World War II. Watch the lights dance along Storssmayer promenade, and spend time dancing in the disco hall.

best light festivals

5. Murten Light Festival – Murten, Switzerland

This festival also includes characters clad in light and beautiful art in light projected onto buildings. The show lasts 12 days, so there’s plenty of time to catch all of the art. Keep in mind, these are all done by regional artists, so you’ll appreciate their messages even more.

best light festivals

6. Deepavali – Jaipur, India

In Jaipur, India, Deepavali is a Hindu celebration that coincides with the Hindu New Year. In addition to the beautiful display, there are tons of street parties and fireworks to watch too.

7. Autumn Festival of Lights – St. Petersburg, Russia

This St. Petersburg, Russia festival of lights has been held each November since 2014. They showcase both light art and music installations during the event. Take a look at the panoramic 3D mappings too.

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