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The 7 Best Places For Brunch In Montreal

Montreal brunch is up there with the very best in the world, which is hardly surprising when you consider what a great foodie pedigree this city has.

There are many things that the world disagrees on these days but brunch being one of the greatest meals of the week is not one of them. Who doesn’t love huge portions of food served with cocktails and sweets in the early morning?

With so many places to choose from it was hard to narrow it down but these are the seven best Montreal brunch spots…

1. Foiegwa

The best Montreal brunch can be found at Foigwa, a stylish French brasserie. Here, they serve amazing food all week long but it’s their weekend brunch that elevates things even further. The main room is always buzzing and the menu features some all-time brunch classics which can be washed down with great coffee and cocktails. Montreal brunch doesn’t get any better than this!

Montreal brunch options

2. Fabergé Restaurant

The whole menu at Fabergé Restaurant is elegantly luxurious. But, one dish takes things to a whole new level and is worth the visit here alone: their mac and cheese fritters with pulled pork topped with poached eggs. This is the sort of dish that is so good it could literally cure any weekend hangover within minutes. An absolute delight of a place.

The best Montreal brunch spots

3. Régine Café

Régine Café is one of the most popular venues to eat Montreal Brunch, and they actually have two cafes to choose from. The brunch is classic in style with lots of favourites on the menu and the big bonus is they serve up superb coffee. Do save room for their desserts and pastries as they are a lovely treat at the even of a tasty meal.

4. Bar George

Bar George is home to one of the most impressive grand rooms in Montreal. This restaurant is a spectacular setting in which to have a weekend brunch as the food and drinks are every bit as spectacular as the setting. This is the perfect place to come with a group of friends or the family at the weekend to linger over a couple of their magnificent cocktails.

Montreal Brunch

5. Le Passé Composé

At Le Passé Composé you’ll find an intimate venue that is ideal for groups of friends and family. They serve some amazing comfort food, so if you’ve had a tough week and really want to push the boat out and treat yourself, this is your spot. Where they excel is their focus on quality ingredients cooked by people at the top of their game. We will say, however, that you should come with an appetite as the portions are massive.

6. Brasserie 701

Brasserie 701 features an absolutely beautifully designed dining room where they cook some of the very best food in Montreal. Things go into overdrive at the weekend with their brunch menu, which features some absolute classics everybody is sure to love. But, the brioche French toast will change everything you ever thought you knew about brunch.

7. Renoir

Looking for something completely different for a Saturday or Sunday brunch? Head to Renoir where you can truly spoil yourself. Their brunch is a buffet offering packed full of gorgeous treats. You’ll definitely be going back for seconds. It is on the pricier end of the list but for a special occasion, it has to be tried. Make sure you go all out and try one of their delicious house cocktails.

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