The 7 Best Montreal Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Montreal

As the largest city in the Québec province, Montreal has a fantastic foodie scene, so we wanted to find the seven best Montreal Burgers that you can’t afford to miss.

These are the finger-licking good varieties. The burgers you stuff into your mouth and worry about your waistline at a later date. Burgers so good that you’ll wish it was the norm to eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So grab a couple of friends, work up a serious appetite and get ready to try the very best Montreal Burgers

The Best Montreal BurgersHow do these rankings work?

1. Uniburger 

Uniburger is the top dog when it comes to burgers in Canada, beating off some serious competition. Consistently brilliant; when you throw in one of their famous shakes and those perfect fries you’ll leave a very happy customer.

Montreal Burgers

2. Burger Royal

They offer chicken, beef and even a vegan burger here, and with some super inventive toppings and a burger of the month you’ll never be stuck for choice. Packed full of creativity and flavour in equal measure.

Burger Royal in Montreal

3. Burger Bar Crescent 

Burger Bar Crescent offers a unique dining experience, which blends traditional French bistro cooking with American comfort food. The result? A burger that’s big, rich and layered beautifully – only the hungriest of folk will get it all finished in one sitting.

Burger Bar Crescent 

4. Restaurant Mile-Ex 

Their saucily named Mother F***ker Burger is as intense as it sounds: single, double or triple Canadian beef garnished with bacon, cheddar and spicy mayo with crispy shoestring fries.

Restaurant Mile-Ex  in Montreal

5. Hachoir 

Alongside their unbelievably good classic burgers – thing toppings such as Sriracha Mayo and Jack Daniels onions – Hachoir also does a weekly Chef’s Special burger. What a great excuse to eat a new and delicious burger every week that defies all the traditional burger laws.

Hachoir  Hamburger

6. Mister Streer 

Mister Steer has gone from a friendly little diner to full-blown Montreal institution in the 50+ years that it’s been dishing out its famously well-seasoned burgers.  Its claim to fame is the famous #Steerburger, which uses only the finest kosher beef: hand shaped, deliciously spiced and char grilled to a state of perfection.

Mister Streer  Hambuger in Montreal

7. Chez Tousignant

One of Montreal’s coolest burger joints, this spot has a retro vibe and a small-but-perfect menu of good things to eat. A casual snack bar, burgers are made with pure Canadian beef and absolutely everything is homemade. Burgers here are on a whole other level.

Chez Tousignant in Montreal

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